Hilmi CÖMERT, who began to manufacture aluminum ladder with his partners in 1990, initiated its activities in manufacture of aluminum ladder, aluminum raw material modular scaffolding systems, Home, Office internal-use ladders, special platform and transition equipment upon request for industrial facilities, R & D to meet the demands that may arise, Production and Marketing activities as AKROBAT MERDVEN SANAYİ A.Ş’in Sanayi Mahallesi/Levent.
The company developed its product range from the day it began until today, it has put his siganature on eyeful products with their original designs each passing day.Hilmi CÖMERT, responds to requests from both the domestic market and external market with the ladders it produces with International standards. Growing customer profile and diversified customer number are the best evidence for the trust in AKROBAT MERDIVEN SANAYİ A.Ş (ACROBAT LADDER MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY). Our employees who know that success occurs with quality are the guarantee of our Company.